The objective of this plan is to reduce waste to landfill from Eventfinda Stadium (EFS) by more than 50% by June 30th 2021 and then increasing to 70% by June 30 2022. This plan will be delivered in two stages:

Stage 1 – Internal Waste Management and Reduction (staged from March 1st 2019)

Stage 2 – External Waste Management and Reduction by Clients (introduction July 1st 2020)

Stage 3 – External Waste Management and Reduction by Exhibitors (introduction October 1st 2020) 

Stage 1 – Internal Waste Management and Reduction (introduction March 1st 2019)

Each year EFS sends over 300 m3 of rubbish to landfill. This does not include waste introduced by hirers. If we include this waste the number increases to somewhere around 700 – 750 m3. This needs to decrease. 


Reduction actions are as follow 


From March 1st 2019  EFS will no longer serve anything in packaging that is not commercially compostable from any of our concession or F&B outlets. This will be a hard edge and will not be negotiable however, we have sourced plant-based alternatives from reputable local suppliers  Innocent Packaging.

These include where clients, or vendors request specific things from F&B, these things must adhere to the waste management outcomes. We simply will no longer serve anything in single use plastics or items not able to be composted. Recyclable or biodegradable are not defined terms and are therefore not suitable. Please see the “what is the difference” link here for information on why. 


From March 1st  2019 we will introduce a simple bin sorting protocol based around three factors we will ask our guests to self-judge.

          • Did I buy it here? 
          • Did I bring it with me? 
          • Is it plastic? 
          • Is it glass?

Bins will be marketed according to these statements in  order to help guests and clients judge what goes in which bins.


From July 1st  2020 EFS will no longer provide bin services to others including our anchor users. 


All events at EFS will be hosted with a reduced number of bins locations that will present some or all of our labelled bins.   


All waste will be handled by Green Gorillaenvironmentally focused waste management company and taken to a waste processing facility. Bottles will be returned to a bottle bin and landfill bins into a reduced quantity of waste management bins. 


Stage 1 – Education/Communication

All users regardless of their type will need to be updated on these new protocols and have enough time to inform their partners of the new requirements. Care should be taken to make sure everyone knows as far in advance as possible.

Distributed around the building will be a series of posters and on the video wall a video outlining the reasons for the change and supporting the separation in our bins. The objective is to passively educate our frequent visitors (players) on how the bin system works and what our aim is.

Stage 2 – External Waste Management and Reduction by Clients (introduction July 1st 2020)

We acknowledge that we cannot control all elements of what comes into our buildings by clients or users. Many events held at EFS produce large amounts of mixed rubbish, in particular during the set up and pack down. Our aim in stage 2 is to reduce waste to landfill from EFS by implementing a “bring it with you, take it with you” process in order to encourage our clients to reduce their output.

Key steps in Stage 2 are as follows:

From July 1st 2020, EFS will no longer provide waste disposal services for any rubbish produced by clients or their exhibitors during the set up or pack down of their events. Clients can take their rubbish with them or alternatively, book and hire a waste bin where they can dispose of their rubbish. EFS Green Gorilla. 

During events, EFS will still supply rubbish bins throughout the stadium for attendees to use throughout any event. This waste is then sorted and disposed of through our recycling, compostable and general waste streams. These will be our labelled bins only. 

In line with our stage 3 regulations, all exhibitors of food or beverage within our stadium during an event must serve their products in our commercially compostable packaging or provide written certification of their own commercially compostable packaging, prior to any event. 

Ticketed events will be unable to bring food into the venue. 

Stage 2 – Education/Communication

Education of repeat clients began in March of 2019 in order to have them prepared for the 2020 & 2021 event calendar.

All waste leaving EFS will be sorted and tracked to ensure as much as possible is commercially composted by our partners at Green Gorilla and cross contamination is kept to a minimum.

Stage 3 – External Waste Management and Reduction by Exhibitors (introduction October 1st 2020)

EFS began the transition to commercially compostable products in March 2019 and has received great feedback from the public, clients and our team. We have reduced our waste to landfill and are on track to reduce this further. However, we cannot do this alone. We need everyone’s help and that includes those participating in events held at EFS from clients, guests and exhibitors.

Stage 3 focuses on exhibitors distributing any food and beverage products during any event and how it is packaged.

Reduction actions are as follows:

Any exhibitor selling food or beverages at an event held at EFS must submit a vendor application via our website prior to the event. This application will be assessed by the EFS management team and will either be approved or declined. No exhibitor of food or beverage will be authorised to operate at any event held at Eventfinda Stadium unless their vendor application has been approved.

Exhibitors seeking approval to operate can submit their applications through the vendor application portal on our Vendors and Sampling page on our website.

Additionally, any vending or sampling approved at EFS must use only commercially compostable packaging for all products distributed. All packaging of any sampled or distributed product must be stamped compostable and display a “7” on the base. Exhibitors must provide confirmation that their products are commercially compostable at the application stage.

If exhibitors are unable to provide suitable packaging, we are able to supply this through the EFS supplier at a cost.

Stage 3 – Education/Communication

Clients will be notified of these upcoming changes from the beginning of the 2020 calendar year to allow for a long lead in period for their exhibitors.

An information pack will be sent out to all clients in June of 2020 as a reminder of our upcoming level 3 changes being introduced from 1st October 2020.

We understand that change can be confusing for some, especially when they are used to operating in a different way, but the reduction of non-compostable waste is very important to the EFS team and we hope everyone can get on board.

We encourage all clients to contact their EFS Events Coordinator if they have any questions at all about our projects at any stage


Let’s start with compostable materials… There are currently two primary types of compostable materials in New Zealand: certified commercially compostable and home compostable. certified commercially

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Important information regarding upcoming events and opening hours

To manage the challenges presented by the Covid-19 Pandemic we have made some changes to our regular entry and operating standards. Please ensure you are familiar with these new processes prior to coming to the venue. Please leave early and allow yourself more time to get into the venue due to contact tracing requirements. All information on this page relates to National Alert Level 2 and was last updated Tuesday May 19th 2020