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For over 25 years, the 4,750-seat Eventfinda Stadium has been home to some of New Zealand’s most memorable concerts and sporting events, from artists as diverse as Bob Dylan, Sting, Green Day and Van Halen, to the Silver Ferns and NBL Championship winning Breakers, the venue has been a key part of Auckland’s entertainment landscape since 1992.

Eventfinda Stadiums purpose is:

“To be recognised as a preferential multipurpose campus for both community and commercial sport and recreation across the region”

The Stadium is seeking to continue growing participation and access to its facility, so as to increase the cultural, economic and social wellbeing of the North Shore and the Auckland region.

These objectives require a Board that is flexible, entrepreneurial, customer-centric and collaborative, with the requisite experience, strategies and technical skills to enable the Stadium to achieve its vision. In this complex and challenging environment, Eventfinda needs Board members who have diverse range of qualities, skills and professional and personal experiences.

The Boards key objectives are to:
•    Improve our business sustainability
•    Grow the facility to be a key regional asset.
•    Improve participation and access to the facility

About the Eventfinda Board

Eventfinda’s Board has a minimum of six and a maximum of nine Trustees. The Chair, Deputy Chair and committee appointments are the responsibility of the Board and are reviewed by the Board each year, at the AGM which is usually held in September.

This recruitment process is for four new members for the Board. Board members are appointed for a three-year term and are eligible for reappointment at the end of their term. Members are appointed for a maximum of two terms or six consecutive years, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The Eventfinda Board values and supports the benefits that diversity of thought, experience and skills bring to a governance board. Increasing diversity and fostering an inclusive board culture is an essential element in supporting high performing boards, driving long-term success and delivering better outcomes for the communities of Auckland.

All board appointments will be made on the basis of the competencies, skills and knowledge which the board as a whole requires to be effective, with due regard to the benefits of diversity.

The time commitment for the Eventfinda Board is three to four hours a month excluding preparation time and any subcommittee commitments. Board meetings are typically held on the third Tuesday of the month 5: and start at 5:30pm. Meeting fees are paid to Trustees.  

During the year, there may also be a number of other purpose-specific Board meetings, such as meetings including external stakeholders or special workshops on the implementation of the strategy or other matters.  

New members of the Board are expected to attend a board induction session immediately following their appointment, and, depending on their experience they may be required to attend one or more Board governance and other courses.  

Board members are also issued with an induction pack that contains the Trust Deed and all other relevant policies and procedures.



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Download a copy of our 2018/19 Annual report and also a copy of the current Trust Strategic Plan. 

Important information regarding the latest Covid-19 Level 3 Lockdown

Eventfinda Stadium is currently operating under Level 2 - Event Facility restrictions. This means we are restricted to no more than 100 people per designated non mixing zone. Please ensure you follow the guidance when you are onsite to help us reduce the spread of Covid-19. For more information please see our information on management of Covid-19 in the Covid section of our Website.