Ticketing at Eventfinda Stadium is handled exclusively by our partners at Eventfinda.

Eventfinda is New Zealand’s most successful, homegrown ticketing agency. Eventfinda saw a demand for a well-designed ticketing system putting ease-of-use for venues, promoters, and consumers on an equal footing, Eventfinda shook up the ticketing industry when its in-house development team launched the first ticketing platform in early 2009. Today, Eventfinda is New Zealand’s fastest growing ticketing company and the dominant event and live entertainment marketing platform

As a kiwi born and bred product the Eventfinda system puts the event owner at the centre of your ticketing decisions. Eventfinda offers a full suite of ticketing services from self-service events thorough to the most demanding stadium and arena shows, Eventfinda is continually innovating to introduce new world-class features within an easy-to-use platform.

All entry tickets, concessions or passes must be sold using the Eventfinda system within the venue. It is not an option to “provide your own” or to use any other agency in the venue. We do this to ensure a consistent and polished customer experience for your guests and our patrons.

Ticketing Booth & Scanners

Located at the front of the venue is a four-window box office allowing clients to sell tickets on event day. To ensure the ticketing booth runs smoothly on event day, Eventfinda Stadium will provide 1 x staff member to help with any ticketing enquires and assist with equipment issues. Clients are welcome to bring volunteers or their own staff to help operate the booth if they wish to have more than one window open.

Eventfinda Stadium also has 4 x Eventfinda ticket scanners. These can be used by the client if they have listed their event on Eventfinda Ticketing. These scanners can be operated by EFS staff or client volunteers and/or staff.

The staff costs will be passed onto the client. Please discuss these options with your Events Coordinator.