Roof Grid Proposals


We are looking to add functionality to our venue which will decrease overall costs of hire and increase the flexibility of our venue.

While we own an amount of equipment, we do not own enough equipment to successfully deliver a positive hirer experience. So we are seeking a partner to work with us to deliver a great customer experience and also to generate income from our venue.

What We Seek

We are looking for a partner to help us achieve 3 things.

  •  A flown 10m x 10m truss box grid flown from our ceiling
  •  A flown front line of truss spanning the width of the building (34m) in a position that can be used as a front line for event stages. We believe this may be combined with one side of the 10m box grid.
  • Optional, but not essential, a flown backline of truss (20m)
  •  Installed ability to bring truss in and out without needing specialist AV staff on site

The entire rig will stay in the roof permanently when not in use with the exception of when it needed to be moved. 

What We Own

Eventfinda Stadium owns

  • Approximately 70m of 400mm box truss. 
  •  A number of matching 400mm box corners
  • 4 x 500kg motors which are usually in use to fly our scoreboards (2 per board). We don’t want these permanently allocated to eh flown grid but may be available for one off use


What We Offer

Eventfinda Stadium annually hosts around 35 major events per year.  A large, although a un-prescribed number of these events would have use for all or some of the functionality provided by this grid. 

These events range from smaller community events to international rock concerts which, if the equipment was on site would happily pay to use it. This proposal also opens the door to conversations with the hirers to provide other services to them such as light an sound. 

We see this offer as being a value-add to the client and revenue generated from it being split between the Venue and the AV partner. For this to work for all parties a simple and basic fee (to use the truss) needs to be delivered in order for the venue to sell the use to potential hirers.  We accept that the AV partner may be recouping revenue from the Truss Eventfinda Stadium owns. 

While we do not offer exclusivity of AV, we do offer preferential contacts and “first contact” from client to the AV partner for additional needs above the Grid. 


What we will not accept

Any form of exclusive arrangement which penalises clients for using their own preferred suppliers. 

Punitive contract terms which achieve the above to the detriment of our ability to sell the venue or satisfy client needs. 

Any form of arrangement which charges a client a percentage fee of AV not supplied by our chosen provider for use of the grid.  

Only flat fee arrangements for Grid use will be accepted.

Permanent light fittings attached to the grid are not desireable due to the nature of the building being a Basketball stadium from Mon-Thursday. This subjects items such as lights and other things to potential damage for which we will not accept liability. 



Questions may either be posted here on this page, or alternatively emailed to 

While this is not a formal tender, questions are welcomed and where we believe others may benefit from knowing the same answer we may choose to answer to all organisations submitting.  As with all procurement processes we reserve the right to change dates, terms and time frames where we feel it will benefit the desired outcomes.

Submissions - Close May 31st 2019

We are seeking to have submissions in by May 31st.  

A decision on preferred supplier will be made within 14 days upon which time negotiations will begin on terms. Where we are unable to reach terms within 14 days with a given supplier we will revert to other submissions and move to negotiations with other suppliers on the same time frames. This is not meant to be punitive, but to ensure proposals are reached quickly and the solution is installed by mid/late July. 

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