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Eventfinda Stadium

From Sports Events to Rock Concerts, Community Events to Basketball, our team can help you deliver a better event.


Employment Application

For over 25 years the 4,750-seat North Shore Events Centre (now, Eventfinda Stadium) has been home to some of New Zealand’s most memorable concerts and sporting events, from artists as diverse as Bob Dylan, Sting, Green Day and Van Halen, to the Silver Ferns and the NBL Championship winning Breakers. Eventfinda Stadium has been a key part of Auckland’s entertainment landscape since 1992.

Eventfinda Stadium’s vision:

To be recognised as a preferential multipurpose campus for both community and commercial sport and recreation across the region”

If you are interested in joining our team and helping to deliver experiences from Rock Concerts to Community Basketball please complete the application form below.

The Roles & Rates

All staff start on the same base rate at Eventfinda Stadium. We use a series of Staff Proficiency tasks to set your hourly rate and in most cases provide all the necessary training to achieve these levels. These tasks escalate in complexity from basic tasks such as supervising an event through to event builds and operating our cafe’s. As the Proficiency increases so does the hourly rate we pay you as you gain more skill. We will train you in almost all skills you need to pass the various proficiency tests, but you need your own attitude and willingness to learn. The roles are casual in nature and can vary from 30-40 hours one week to 5-10 the next as it is driven by our community demands.

All staff start on a base rate of $18 an hour. Once you have demonstrated Staff Proficiency in a number of tasks (SP1) you will progress to $19 per hour and once you have demonstrated Staff Proficiency Level 2 you will automatically advance to SP2 at $20 per hour and those who demonstrated staff proficiency Level 3 (Sp3) move up to $22 per hour.

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