Hiring Our Venue

If you are interested in hiring our venues for a sporting or entertainment event, this is the place to start!

Below you will find a brief overview of some of the most frequently asked questions about using our venue. As you’ll see, our suite of services can accommodate a wide variety of events; we encourage you to contact our experienced team to talk through what the venue can do for you.

All bookings in our spaces follow the same process.  We do this to ensure a consistent process for all our users and to make sure everyone has equitable access to the venue.
Irrespective of size and duration all events start with the online booking request form.
Step 1 – Complete Online Hire Enquiry Form
Step 2 – Receive, sign and return a letter of quote from us
Step 3 – Our staff will generate a Contract To Hire
Step 4 – Receive, sign and return your Contract To Hire
Step 5 – Pay your deposit
Step 6 – Your booking is confirmed
It is important to remember your booking is not confirmed and may be booked over top of without further notice until you reach the status of your booking being confirmed, so once you get your venue hire agreement it is important to sign it and return it quickly. 


All of our spaces are priced individually. When making an application to hire we do not give an itemised cost breakdown as some parts of the building are unable to be used when others are in use.

Pricing is broken into a number of tiers with the principal being that where the end benefit or funds are channeled back to community outcomes a subsidy is applied to recognize this benefit. Where an event is purely for profit this discount is not available.

At Eventfinda Stadium our commercial events are here to entertain the community and to generate a profit for the venue which is how we apply the community benefit subsidy.

Ticketing at Eventfinda Stadium is handled exclusively by our partners at Eventfinda. 

Eventfinda is New Zealands most successful, homegrown ticketing agency. Eventfinda saw a demand for a well-designed ticketing system putting ease-of-use for venues, promoters, and consumers on an equal footing, Eventfinda shook up the ticketing industry when its in-house development team launched the first ticketing platform in early 2009. Today, Eventfinda is New Zealand’s fastest growing ticketing company and the dominant event and live entertainment marketing platform

As a kiwi born and bred product the Eventfinda system puts the event owner at the centre of your ticketing decisions. Eventfinda offers a full suite of ticketing services from self-service events thorough to the most demanding stadium and arena shows, Eventfinda is continually innovating to introduce new world-class features within an easy-to-use platform.

All entry tickets, concessions or passes must be sold using the Eventfinda system within the venue. It is not an option to “provide your own” or to use any other agency in the venue. We do this to ensure a consistent and polished customer experience for your guests and our patrons.

Please see your Event Coordinator for a schedule of applicable fees for use of the system.

At Eventfinda Stadium we work hard to deliver an outstanding catering experience, we know that for your guests and ours we want the best experience possible. We don’t accept that because it’s a stadium the food must be poor quality. To achieve this all catering and distribution of food and beverage in the venue is under the exclusive control of the venue.

Where you have sponsors intending to give out food samples or have specific catering requirements please discuss these with your Event Coordinator as soon as possible to avoid disappointment on the day.

Please also make yourself aware of our sustainability initiatives as these are heavily connected to the Catering and Food & Beverage services within the venue.

Catering for corporate events and banquets is also provided exclusively by the venue but should be discussed with your Event Coordinator at the time of booking to ensure the best experience.

Sponsored Alcohol is permitted within our venue from time to time but must be discussed with your Event Coordinator at least 16 weeks prior to your event.

Eventfinda Stadium has WiFi enabled throughout the venue. This is provided by Vodafone on a 100/100MB UFB circuit.

This infrastructure is designed for WiFi for guests and general internet use is free for users although no guarantees are made about stability as it is a Ultra Fast Broadband network.

The WiFi network is NOT suitable for streaming or critical event infrastructure use. To enable streaming or critical event functionality please talk to your Event Coordinator to establish what is needed to provide the most robust functionality.

Hirers are able to request their own networks WiFi at a cost of $150 + GST per event.

Cabled or Hardwire (Cat-5) connections are available at a cost of $180 + GST per connection.

Our foyer features a state of the art 12m (4mx3m) led screen. This is capable of showing all manner of inputs from laptop displays to video files and even live streams if you wish.

This screen is in operation every day of the year between 8am and 11pm every day. With an average of more than 1,200 people per day walking past the screen this is a key way we keep our community updated and support your events.

As part of booking your event here you are allocated up to 30 seconds of video time and 1 static image slide free of charge. Only events that are held at our venue are able to be advertised and we reserve the right to approve any content prior to its installation.

Due to the scheduling of the screen all images in the “image set” listed on the screen specifications (Here) are required before we can install your content on the screen.

You can purchase additional 30 second video or image  slots on the screen in the lead up to your event for $150 per month per slot.

Specific Use During Events

The screen is available in a number of ways to support your event on show day;

    • Exclusive use (for sponsors etc) $400 per day with only your content.
    • 30 second HDMI input Interspersed (with our content)  $150 per day.

Use specific use of the screen requires at least 14 days notice and inputs to be provided to us no less than 7 days prior to your event. These fees do not include a technician to operate the screen if required. This is not usually needed.

Please see your event coordinator for details on how to book the screen.

Specific image specifications for the screen are available on request.

Internet And Streaming

Our venue is equipped with a modern and highly adaptable Wi-Fi system throughout most rooms and spaces within the Stadium.  As the first indoor stadium

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Conditions Of Hire

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS These conditions of hire are the full terms related to every hire agreement that is signed for use of Eventfinda Stadium. 

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