Complimentary Tickets Application

How it works

From time to time we have available tickets at various events that are upcoming. 

We often make these tickets available to our partners, their members and those people closely affiliated to our Stadium. These are often at a discount and from time to time can also be offered for free from allocations available to our venue.  

On this page you can apply to be considered for concessionary and (sometimes) free tickets. Applications are considered when they come in and generally you will hear back from us within a working day. We cannot meet honour all requests for tickets at our events. Supply of concessionary tickets is always limited by what is available to us as a venue and what we have available. You will be given a special code to use by the entity that informed you of the offer, this code must be used when making your request. 

Where free or concession tickets are given, we do check the ticket entry records in our ticketing system. Not attending an event to results in an empty seat which could have been used by someone else, so please ensure you do attend as failure to attend may mean future prohibition from concession ticket requests. 

Apply for tickets

Comp Ticket Application

Please Note: Tickets issued will be verified as scanned in with our ticketing system, failure to use tickets may result in declined future requests. Tickets, if approved will be emailed to you within 24 hours of request.